Prayer Focus - July 2020

Praying for our church:
Please pray for each other, especially for those in residential homes;
• our elderly members and others still confined to home;
• those in hospital or receiving treatment;
• those feeling anxious and worried at this time;
• the leadership team as they plan and prepare for ways in which we can meet together again, and continue to connect with each other;
• Joseph Forson, his wife Nana and children Baaba and Adino, as they make the practical preparations to move to Luton and begin Joseph’s ministry with us.

Praying for our town and nation:
Please pray for:
• children going back to school as they adjust to different ways of working, and young people trying to imagine and plan for an uncertain future;
• businesses re-opening after lockdown and trying to ensure the safety of employees and members of the public;
• those who are in financial need;
• comfort and strength for the bereaved and lonely and all struggling with mental health problems caused by or made worse by the current situation;
• health and social care workers caring for others while recovering from the physical and emotional toll of the last few months;
• the government and local authorities trying to cope with the health and economic crises, as well as dealing with other on-going issues.

Praying for the world:
Please pray:
• for countries trying to move safely out of lockdown and prevent a further spike in cases, for wisdom in decision-making and the skills to ensure safety and re-build economies;
• for continued progress in understanding the virus and discovering ways to treat & control it;
• for support for countries with fragile health systems, weak economies and limited medical resources, and for the poorest and most vulnerable groups in the world;
• that in response to the Black Lives Matter protests, all nations will strive to eradicate racism and build societies rooted in justice and freedom for all;
• that globally we will learn from what we have experienced, re-evaluate our priorities and work more urgently to care for the weakest, protect our planet and establish peace.

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