Prayer Focus - MARCH

Please pray for our youth worker, Connie, and the young people she is working with:

·        That the young people will get to know and trust Connie;

·        That she will be able to help them to get to know each other and encourage positive friendships;

·        For a smooth process as this relationship-building happens;

·        That Connie will be able to build a core group with young people we have in church.


Pray too for all the young people who are preparing for exams which they will be facing in the next few months.


In response to recent news of young people being killed in knife attacks, please pray for families who have been bereaved in these attacks, for protection for vulnerable young people, and for wisdom for those trying to deal with this increasing problem and prevent further deaths.



Continue to pray for our nation:


·        For wisdom for our leaders and for MPs making important decisions for our future, that they may put the good of the nation first in all their decision-making;


·        For the protection and safety of MPs who have faced death threats and online abuse;


·        For a greater spirit of respect and co-operation within and between political parties and throughout the nation as a whole;


·        For a united stand against racism, anti-semitism and Islamaphobia;


·        For our local MPs, Kelvin Hopkins and Gavin Shuker as they represent their constituents in Parliament.


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