Please pray for:

Those in residential homes.

Those unable to come to church at the moment or recovering from illness, operations or treatment.

Also please pray for our youth worker, Connie Burko, as she settles into her new role and gets to know people, that she may be able to build relationships with young people, make useful contacts in the community and be able to begin to explore the direction our youth work will take in the future.

At a time of great uncertainty in our nation, please pray for:

·        guidance and wisdom for our Prime Minister and the government, as they deal with complex issues;

·        all involved in politics, that they may be motivated by a desire to serve and will put the interests of the nation before their own ambitions and preferences;

·        greater harmony in communities, and throughout the nation, and willingness to co-operate, respect and listen to each other;

·        that the deal negotiated as we leave the EU will not damage the prosperity, security and well-being of the nation.

As we mark the centenary of the end of the First World War, please pray for:

·         the safety of serving armed service personnel;

·         ex-service men and women recovering from injury or combat stress, or struggling to adjust to civilian life;

·        all who on Remembrance Day will have personal memories of loved-ones who have died;

·         an end to war in countries torn apart by conflict, especially Afghanistan, Syria and the Yemen;

·        the civilian victims of recent and current wars: those injured and bereaved,  and those made homeless and displaced, seeking safety or living in refugee camps.

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