Beavers News January 2018

Beavers News January 2018

I hope that you have all had an enjoyable holiday. We will resume beaver meetings on Monday 8th January 2018, 6-7:15pm.

This term we plan to work on the My Skills and My World challenge badges as well as starting the gardener activity badge. It is not possible to complete all of the badge requirements during our normal meetings, so we have arranged to go on a visit during one of our meetings.  In addition, we would ask that you try to complete a few activities at home and bring in some evidence to confirm what you have done (for example, photographs or a written record).  You may wish to plan to work on some of these over a few weeks or during the half term holiday:

My Skills Challenge Badge requirement 5

Learn to do at least one of the following at home and record what you have done. 

  • set an alarm clock to get up at the right time in the morning

  • make your bed

  • keep your bedroom tidy

My Skills Challenge Badge requirement 8

Go somewhere new and then find out five facts about something new.  Record what you have done (in words, pictures or with photos).

My World Challenge badge requirement 5

Show you have kept your Beaver Promise. Think at home about things you can do at beavers to be kind and helpful. Share or talk about trying your best to be kind and helpful. You could also bring examples of kind and helpful things you have done at home or at school.


Subs are due each term. The cost is £25. If you are paying by cheque please make it payable to Blenheim Icknield Luton Scout Group.

Monday 22nd January

As part of the My Skills badge we will be learning about how to look after our teeth. Please bring in your toothbrush and toothpaste so we can practise brushing our teeth.

Saturday 3rd February

The District board games competition takes place at Sells’ 7th Headquarters, Birdsfoot Lane, LU3 2HX (opposite Parys Road). The games played are Connect 4 and dominoes.  We will practise these games at Beavers for a couple of weeks before the event, so all of the children should be familiar with how to play, but only four Beavers can be in the team taking part on the day.

Monday 12th February

HALF TERM – No Beavers

Monday 19th February

Bring in evidence to share of what you learnt and did for the two parts of the My Skills challenge badge that you have worked on at home. It could be a diary, drawings, photos or similar record

Monday 5th March

My World Challenge badge requirement 5 - Talk about doing your best and keeping your Beaver Promise. This requirement encourages Beavers to show that they have behaved in a way that meets the Beaver Promise. Please help your child to think about how they can try to be kind and helpful at beavers. We will be looking out for examples of them being kind and helpful at beavers but will need them to give examples of what they have done to achieve this part of the badge. Some examples could come from home or school.

Monday 12th March

Visit Rowles House and put on show for the elderly residents. This is another part of the My World Challenge badge.

Monday 2nd and Monday 9th April


Finally, if you shop online please don’t forget to use our easyfundraising page so that the group gets a free donation. If you haven’t already signed up go to


Rowan (Sarah Smart)

Beaver Leader, Blenheim Scout Group


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